About the Picture Rail Store

Nine Years of Online Sales. THE PICTURE RAIL STORE is a tradename of Hebell LLC.

Hebell LLC makes a variety of wood products, including picture rail and pet gates. Our largest product line is our line of hardwood interior pet gates and cedar deck gates solid at Gates2U.

We have a long history of installing picture rail molding at a variety of homes across the Washington DC area. Our founders also operated Urban Revivals LLC in the DC area, and that company focused exclusively on Victorian restoration work. Needless to say, there was a lot of picture rail installed over three-part wallpaper designs in rooms with high ceilings!


Period mosaic work performed by Hebell LLC (formerly Urban Revivals)

First - there was historic restoration services. Our woodworkers and artisans first came together within Urban Revivals LLC in 2003. Urban Revivals, owned and operated by Cheryl Campbell, was providing historic home restoration services in the Washington DC metro area. Services included a number of historic specialties: art tile restoration, gilding, ornamental tin ceilings, plaster repair, and historic woodwork restoration. Ms. Campbell, owner and engineer, was providing restoration services for historic Victorian homes in Dupont Circle when she received requests from her clients, who needed gates to match their historic staircases and landings. Coincidentally, Ms. Campbell had just created a hand-crafted gate for her newly adopted rescue dog named Prince. Prince was a very active Shiba Inu who insisted on bothering a very old cat. He could really jump! Ms. Campbell used her design for Prince's gate, for her client's gate.

And, thus, Gates2U was born. The installed gate was so well received, that a new product line was launched. When the gates were reviewed in the Washingtonian magazine in 2004, our national shipments commenced. We still honor Prince by keeping his picture on some of our web pages! Prince, our mascot, is still around, and we still offer discounts to animal rescue leagues Gates2U, a tradename of Hebell LLC, has sold hundreds of custom gates across the continental USA. Each of these gate sales resulted from a back-and-forth dialog with our customers by phone, email or online chat. We consider this the most important part of our operations.

Then we added other wood products as our services were more widely recognized. Between the restoration work, and the gate business, we received a lot of press. From 2004 - 2007, our work was featured in the Washington Post, Washington Times, and PaintPro magazine. At the same time, the cost of operating in Washington DC was getting very expensive, so we realized we needed to relocate. And, doing that, mean we were going to start focusing on products, not services.

Our Move to Maryland as Hebell LLC. In 2006, Urban Revivals moved from Washington to Maryland, so that all attention could be focused on the wood products alone. We closed Urban Revivals and re-incorporated as Hebell LLC in Maryland.

Where we are. We are located in Greensboro MD, in business-friendly Caroline County. Insured and in Good Standing. We hold liability and general business insurance through Avon-Dixon Inc. of Easton MD and Selective Insurance. Hebell LLC is a company in good standing with the State of Maryland, meeting all tax and licensing regulations.

Certified Manacturer. We have completed all audits and are a formally approved Maryland manufacturer. We're proud of creating jobs in our state.

Family Run. Since 2002, we've added staff, but we're still a family run business. We pride ourselves on providing specialty wood products with fast delivery and polite customer service. We encourage our customers to let us know of new requirements, ideas, and anything we can do to provide an even better shopping experience.